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Fiorentina Soccer: Series A 2017/2018
Up to 40% off the regular ticket price for students

Fiorentina soccer game

The average cost of a ticket is between €10-45. International students can buy discount tickets in the FlorenceForFun office.
The biggest games of the season are against Inter, Roma, Napoli and Juventus. These tickets sell out very quickly so come 10-14 days prior to the game. For other games, tickets can be purchased during the week running up to the game. Tickets can be purchased with cash only and on presentation of a drivers license or passport.
The Fall/Spring Semester schedule of home games is as follows:
Date Against
Sunday August 27th vs Sampdoria
Sunday September 17th vs Bologna
Sunday September 24th vs Atalanta
Sunday October 15th  vs Udinese
Wednesday October 25th vs Torino
Sunday November 5th vs Roma
Tuesday December 12th vs Sassuolo
Sunday December 17th vs Genoa
Saturday January 6th vs Inter 
Sunday January 28th vs Verona 
Sunday February 11th vs Juventus
Sunday February 25th vs Chievo
Sunday March 11th vs Benevento
Saturday March 31st vs Crotone
Saturday April 15th vs Spal
Wednesday April 18th vs Lazio
Sunday April 29th vs Napoli
Sunday May 13th vs Cagliari

 * Note that the dates and times of the games can sometimes change. The changes are usually announced prior to the release of the tickets. Make sure you check the exact date and time of the game when you come into the office to buy your ticket.


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